Hierbij een overzicht van wat er in RFEM zit qua BIM-links:


We werken constant aan het up-to-date houden van onze BIM-links:



In de update report van RFEM 5.06.3039 (Juni 2016):


vind je deze improvement voor IFC:

Release of a new feature for the Import of CAD-Objects from files with the format IFC and STEP/ IGES (for the latter a RF-LINK license is necessary).

This new develoment in RFEM 5.06.3039 works like this:


Open a new model and go to Options in the General Data dialog. Check Enable CAD/BIM model



Select Z-Axis upward for correct Z-Axis orientation using IFC files



Click OK

A new navigator will be visible in the navigator tool at the left



There are two folder icons – one for IFC coordination view – one for STEP/IGES format (requires RF-LINK).

You can now open one or several ifc coordination view files and visualize the geometry in the right workspace.



Now right click on objects to be transformed to native Dlubal Objects

Play with the controls in the tree to select or highlite objects or to browse the imported data.



- Visualization of geometry next to real Dlubal Data

- Viewer for Coordination View Data

- Conversion into analytical model (members, surfaces, solids) with option to arrange top/right/bottom etc

- Use IFC model to snap to when setting nodes helps to model analytical model